Ms.Rachel Sennett composes a note. She has enjoyed English all her life.

Sennett swoops into high school

By Rhiannon Cummin

Staff Reporter


With a few newcomers this year at Russell High School, Ms. Rachel Sennett joins the group of teachers who make new additions to the current staff and student body for the 2017-2018 school year.

Ms. Sennett was pretty excited to join the staff since everything she had heard seemed promising.

“ I had heard good things about the school and the district from Mrs. Danielle Espinosa. I had also heard good things about the kids,” said Ms. Sennett.

“When I came for my interview I just really liked our superintendent, Mrs. Angela Lawrence. Mr. Larry Bernard also interviewed me at the time. I feel like both of them are very personable people and communicated things very well when interviewing an outsider looking in,” said Ms. Sennett.

Mrs.  Espinosa and Ms. Sennett both live in Hays and commute to work together on a daily basis.

“I typically enjoy the commute, usually Mrs. Espinosa and I carpool, so that’s kinda nice we get to talk on the way to school and on the way home,” said Ms. Sennett.

While Hays is only 28 miles from the high school, it isn’t quite far enough to convince her to uproot from her residence there and move to Russell.

“I have pretty much lived in Hays all my life. I am going to stay there because my kids have their foundation there. Their foundation is at their school, and all of their friends are at their school. Before coming to Russell, I taught at Otis-Bison Junior/Senior High School, and I was there for 4 years. Prior to Otis, I taught at Great Bend High School for two years,” said Ms. Sennett.

Ms. Sennett has two  kids. Will,  her son, is 17, and Madyson, her daughter,  is 13.
“I feel like everybody on the staff and faculty has been very welcoming and very supportive and very helpful. Faculty members are coming into my room and talking to me and getting to know me as a person. At lunch asking me how I am and how my year is going. Maggie and Mary are really showing me the ropes of the office and how things are run in there. Everything the staff has been doing has been really helpful,” said Ms. Sennett.

Overall, Ms. Sennett enjoys her first year here at Russell High School

“I enjoy what I teach, and I enjoy the kids, but I would like to get 100% of my students to turn in their work all the time. Other than that, I am living my dream job. Also, if you want to be a teacher, you shouldn’t get into it for the wrong reasons like you shouldn’t get into it if your career is all about money for you. You need to enjoy being around kids and want to learn from them,” said Ms. Sennett.

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