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After 10 years of teaching in a private setting, Mr. Kevin Flegler is the new math and science teacher at Russell High school starting 2018 fall semester.

“My favorite part of RHS is the interaction with the students and being able to open up their understanding of new concepts,” said Mr. Flegler.

Mr. Flegler really enjoys working with students and helping them learn new and exciting concepts when it comes to the math and sciences; however, he can get frustrated by students lacking focus.

“I get frustrated when students don’t take education seriously knowledge is power, and it can change people’s life, “said Mr. Flegler.

“I believe that every student is gifted and can learn it’s just a matter of where the gifts of the students are and what they are,” said Mr. Flegler.

Mr. Flegler likes to use three different types of teaching methods visual, tactile, and auditory while teaching his classes. He believes by using all three methods he is able to explain concepts better and make students understand concepts easier.

He  explains his lessons on very simple levels, and he also explains them on advanced levels as well so that way he can challenge all of his students.

Mr. Flegler believes that the hardest thing about teaching the math and science classes is that he has to convince students that it’s not difficult and they just have to spend the time to learn new things.

His favorite classes to teach are Geometry and Chemistry.

“They appeal the most to me because math is my strongest subject and chemistry is very exciting to me due to the applications.”

“I have an average of around eight kids per class” “I enjoy having around 10 because then I can work with students individually and teach as a group and give everyone a chance to get help if needed,” says Mr. Flegeler.

The five words that describe Mr. Flegler the best are: relaxed, fun, confident, challenging, and reinforcement.  He thinks they show strong qualities of a leader and they are a part of teaching leadership.

In Mr. Flegler’s free time  he enjoys shooting, playing chess and reading books.

“There are many quality individuals with lots of potentials.”

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