Relationships key to Mrs. Adams success

By Jacquelyn Wagner

Staff Reporter


It was the first day of kindergarten, and it was a career day. Ms. Adams pulled the giant glass doors open to get to her class and sat down at her desk. She was dressed up like her teacher in slacks and a buttoned-up blouse and her red apple in hand. Adams raised her hand and said, “I want to be a teacher just like my mom.”


Mrs. Adams has always wanted to be a teacher since she was in kindergarten. She just loved the idea of making learning fun and getting to create trust and a special bond with her students.


“I love making learning fun because I get to sing and dance with my students and play games that involve learning. “ I love teaching because I get to create a bond with my students where we get to know each other a little better,” said Mrs. Adams.


When Stacie Adams was growing up, she was a good student. She always turned her homework in on time, never got in trouble, and always had phenomenal grades.


“If you asked any of my friends when I was younger they would probably say that I was a goodie two shoes because I was practically always the teacher’s pet,” said Mrs. Adams


Mrs. Adams is a Special Education teacher. She has a degree in early child unified. She wanted this degree because she believed that we would have less special students if we could help support them sooner.


“I believe that we (teachers)  have more special students mainly because we (teachers) do not get to the students sooner than we should,” said Mrs. Adams


Mrs. Adams degree only allows her to teach right after a baby is born to third grade, but she is currently getting her masters at Wichita University so she can teach all grades including high school. When she was offered the job to work here, she was thrilled but was worried because she didn’t have the right degree. The school advisor knew this, but also knew that she was taking her classes to get her masters so she can teach high schoolers.


“When I was interviewed I told them exactly that If you guys are game, then so am I,” said Mrs. Adams.


Mrs. Adams has taught at three schools so far. She has taught at Elkhart Elementary School, Simpson Elementary School, and currently, teaches at Russell High School. Before she taught special education, she was a stay at home mom. She taught both her kids how to read before kindergarten.


“I think it’s important that we get our kids stable and safe before they start school because it will help so many children,” said Mrs. Adams.


Mrs. Adams biggest pet peeve is that everyone should not lie. She hates when people lie to her because it breaks the trust that she has made with them and demolishes the bond that they had.


“I hate it when people lie to me, because I always know when they are, and because of it hurt me deeply,” said Mrs. Adams.


Mrs. Adams loves teaching here because all the teachers are nice and cooperative. The teachers at Russell High School opened the doors with open arms to Mrs. Adams, and also the other teachers had a strong will to achieve their goals for the year.


“I love teaching at Russell High School because all the teachers are funny and sweet but also are very determined to do hard work this year,” said Mrs. Adams.


If Mrs. Adams could change anything she wanted here,  she would add air conditioning and create a better bond between the schools of Russell. Here there are very few classes that have air conditioning. Also, the other school doesn’t know about our spirit days or important ones for that matter.


“ I wish that our schools had a better relationship because it would be nice to see all of our schools participating in all activities and spirit days together,” said Mrs. Adams.


Mrs. Adams is so excited to be teaching here this year. She loves challenges and is ready for all of them that come speeding straight to her. Mrs. Adams also loves the job she is teaching, because of it of the smile that each and everyone brings to her face.


“I love this year so far, and I believe it is going to be a great year, because of the progress the school has made and how easy of a transformation I have made with these older students,” said Mrs. Adams.

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