For every one of our listeners and website viewers. We have for you, A TIME when everyone of our on air speakers go on! 😀 We’ll even give you the times for the hours down below.

  • 1st hour is from 8am to 9:34am
  • 2nd hour is from 9:39am to 11:07am
  • Seminar is from 11:12am to 11:46am
  • LUNCH FROM 11:46AM TO 12:18PM
  • 3rd hour is from 12:23pm to 1:52am
  • 4th hour is from 1:57pm to 3:30pm

And then, sadly, school is out.. BUT FEAR NOT! WE always have interviews up for you to listen to and weird student skits we do after school! 🙂

~Bronco Radio. All things USD 407

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