By Gillian Lynch

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Mrs. Lauren Kasselman is the new FACS teacher at Russell High and Ruppenthal Middle School.

“If one thing could stick with my students after they leave is that I want them to be well-rounded adults and become great hands-on parents. As for my cooking classes, I just want them to be able to cook something with confidence,” said Mrs. Kasselman.

Teaching at both the middle school and high school has been fun but is also a challenge. She often finds it difficult to switch between the high school and middle school mentality. Middle school is more versatile than the high school since she can cover a wide range of topics. At the high school, with the block scheduling, she is limited by time, and the curriculum is more specific.

“I talk about a lot of awkward topics with my high school students, but it feels nice to be vulnerable and be open with them. I want students to be excited and interested while in my classes, and just have fun,” said Mrs. Kasselman.

When Lauren (Mrs) Kasselman was a senior, the FACS program was eliminated by Russell High School. She was upset she missed out on classes she wanted to take because she waited until her senior year. When the program was reinstated, she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to help rebuild the program.  

Mrs. Kasselman subbed in the district last year and found she really enjoyed the school environment. Her degree from FHSU in child development and human services was essential in securing this job, even though it came along earlier than she expected. Mrs. Kasselman now teaches human growth and development, quick cuisine,  and will be teaching modern family and nutrition and wellness next semester.

“My favorite class to teach is actually Human Growth and Development, which surprises me because it’s the class I was least excited about teaching. It’s a class that covers a lot of broad topics, from conception to death,” said Mrs. Kasselman.

The hardest part of her job so far has been redesigning the kitchens, because she wanted to stick with the eras. Her favorite part has been cooking recipes from different eras and being in high school with her sisters.

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