by Erik Finger

             There are a lot of new changes here at RHS this year including a bunch of new changes to the office. 

             One significant change is Mr. Henderson demolished a wall in the office and the principal’s office is now located where the athletic director’s office used to be and the athletic director’s office is now located where the principal’s office used to be. 

When I asked Mr. Henderson what inspired the changes he said, “We made the changes to the office so that the principal is more a part of the action. We wanted to make sure that this office was in proximity to the outer office where Mary and Veronica sit so that we were all on the same page and can communicate. To be quite honest, I am more visible to the school and easier to get in touch with.” Mr. H. also purchased privacy stickers to put on the office windows and they are school pride colors.

             In addition, the teachers’ mailboxes and copiers also moved to the main room in the office. This move was done in an effort to create a new chill room for our school. This chill room is open to students who are having a bad day and need to take a moment to refocus. The chill room is now located where the teachers’ mailboxes used to be. 

The positive changes to the office have been successful and seem to be working to enhance our environment and culture at RHS.

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