Average freshman fears

Tandy Coleman

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It’s 7:40 on her first day of school. But not just any first day. The first day of freshman year. She’s scrambling to get out the door. She shows up at school feeling
overwhelmed and lost. Soon it’s 7:54 and the first bell is ringing telling her to get to her first period.

Ashlee Parker (9) is a kind-hearted phone addict who, like everyone else, has endured her first day as a freshman. And pretty recently at that.

“My first day of high school was exciting and fun, but I was very nervous,” Parker said. “I wasn’t sure of it at first. I was kind of nervous about what would happen because I wasn’t sure if I would fit in. But now that I’m here, and I’ve been here for a while I kind of like it, and I think it’s nice.”

Parker’s favorite subject is history.

“I think it’s interesting to see how life was before the technology and society we have today,” Parker said.

Going into high school, Parker’s worst fear was being disappointing.

“I don’t want to disappoint my friends and family. I want to be the best person I possibly can be for them.”

Parker was homeschooled throughout middle school.

“It was really weird. But I kind of liked it. I got to stay home, and I didn’t have to get dressed or anything. But it’s very different from being in public school,” Parker said. “Sometimes the classes are way different. One day you would have a totally different class than another and it there was no set time for anything.”

One perk of being in public school is getting to participate in school events and clubs.  Parker has taken advantage of that and is in Women’s Choir.

“It’s a nice experience getting to sing. Because I like it, but I’m not sure if I’m good at it, so that’s why I chose Women’s Choir instead of Concert Choir,” Parker said.

While Parker may enjoy some things about school, her favorite season of the year is summer.

“I enjoy going out and swimming in the cool water when it’s hot out,” Parker said

The one thing Parker hates more than anything is when people get bullied.

“I was bullied once, and I know how it feels. So I don’t want anyone else to feel that way,” Parker said.

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