Anstaett’s Accident

Jaide Lawson

Staff Reporter


It’s dark, and there is only silence. There’s only a long dirt road just ahead. But all of the sudden, there’s a big shake from the ground. It gets louder and louder. Out of nowhere, a truck zooms as fast as a race car. It slips off the road on starts rolling. It keeps going and going until suddenly, it stops. All there is, is coughing, and dust. Ryan Anstaett (9) jumps out of the truck and falls to the ground. He looks at the truck, and then at himself. The only thing in his mind is regret.

This dreadful incident all started one evening at Anstaett’s house. He and his dad got into a little fight, which intensely grew into a much bigger one.

Anstaett said, “I don’t quite remember why I got so mad at my dad, but I do remember I was just so angry.”

He was so mad, Anstaett decided to steal his dad’s truck. It was a 2008 Chevy Silverado, and the truck can be up to $20,000.

Anstaett said, “I stole my dad’s truck while he was sleeping, and wanted to drive it. ”

Anstaett started driving the truck and headed down a dirt road. He was just driving and listening to music, but then wanted to change the radio station. As he was trying to change the station, he swerved off the road. Down the truck and him went.

“I was going like 90 miles an hour and rolled off a dirt road. I was surprised was okay, and just glad I was wearing my seatbelt,” said Anstaett.

He was relieved that he was unharmed, and was just thankful it ended safely. The truck had dents, scratches, and was missing the bumper.

“The whole front end was gone,” said Anstaett.

The truck was badly damaged, and unrepairable. Anstaett was worried of how his dad was going to take it.

Anstaett said, “My dad was so mad. I even lied and said someone else stole his truck. But eventually, I told him it was me. I couldn’t take the guilt.”

This was one of the most stupid decisions he has ever made. He regret’s ever doing this and hopes he can learn from this ridiculous mistake. Even from silly mistakes like this one, Anstaett’s family has always been there for him.

Anstaett has two brothers and one sister. Their names are Taylor, Adrian, and Kylie. He also has a dog named Gizmo. He loves his family so much, and will always make time for them.

Ryan Anstaett is a huge family lover and will do anything for them. He is also a sports player, and a car extremist. Anstaett sometimes doesn’t make the brightest decisions, but always tries his hardest.

Anstaett said, “Stealing and wrecking my dad’s truck wasn’t one of my best ideas.”

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