Winning Tradition

Photo by Jenn Baldwin

Article By: Jordayn Buhrle, Mallory Henderson, Cameron Hendryx, Gracie Karst, Kelly Lopez, and Trevor Steinle

This past weekend the RHS State Qualifiers competed at the 3-2-1A State Wrestling Championship in Hays, Kansas. Stephan Baldwin went 3-2 with a 5th place finish, Jacob Windholz went 3-2 with a 5th place finish, and Brayden Strobel went 0-2 and did not place. The boys battled hard all season to get to this point, and their hard work paid off.

Russell High School’s Senior wrestler, Stephan Baldwin finished his season with a record of 40-12. Stephan said, “This experience at State was different because he didn’t have his day one partner there with him. He can’t explain the feeling of knowing that this was his last shot; it is literally indescribable.” Stephan summed up his career with three words, “emotional, hardworking, and fun.” This was Stephan’s second appearance at State during his high school career and his first time on the podium. We wish Stephan well in his future endeavors.

Jacob Windholz, a two time State qualifier and a Sophomore at RHS finished his season with a 37-7 record. Jacob said, “This year at State, when compared to last year was a much better experience. The people and atmosphere of 4A doesn’t compare to 3-2-1A.” Jacob’s goal for next season is to make it to finals and if that doesn’t happen he’d like to place higher than 5th. He said his biggest challenge is keeping a good mental condition because by the end of the season he becomes burnt out and has to find a way to stay positive and keep fighting. 

Brayden Strobel, Russell’s lone Freshman gave his all in his last few meets to get to State. He finished his season with a record of 13-19. Brayden said, “It was a pretty cool experience, but I was wishing for a better outcome.” His goal is to make State the next three years of his high school career. 

The head wrestling coach of Russell High School, Dan Weigel said, “He is very proud of them and he thinks they had a great attitude and effort going into State.” Weigel tries to have an energetic personality in the wrestling room. He is a player-type of coach, meaning he always takes the side of his wrestlers and fights for them until the end. Coach Weigel feels that the wrestling program was in good shape when he got here two years ago and hopes to continue the winning tradition. We look forward to watching Jacob, Brayden, and the rest of the RHS wrestlers as they compete over the next few years. We are excited to see what the future holds for the team.

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