Mirror Mirror on the Wall By. Nicole Voorhees

There are a lot of changes in this school. A great change and a confidence builder is the compliment mirror in the girls’ bathroom located in the math and science hallway. The compliment mirror offers positive messages and words of encouragement.

 The power of positivity is contagious and this compliment mirror promotes positive thinking. Some kids like it, but they wish it was on the wall around the mirror and not on the mirror itself. The mirror has compliments on it like “GIRL POWER”, “You’re a queen”, and “Be you, you are awesome.” If the school keeps up making all these great changes, coming to RHS will be a blast for years to come.

Chewing On New Changes By: Caleigh Evans

What’s new for lunch? There have been many changes at Russell High School this year. Many of the changes have been made in the school cafeteria. One of the most noticeable changes is the new lunch schedule. Lunch was originally attended by the entire student body at one time. To help with monitoring and congestion it is now split into two different lunch periods. 

The menu has also undergone new changes.  A Grab and Go option has been added for students.  Grab and Go is a cold lunch option that students can choose rather than the hot meal. I asked Mrs. Alicia Beren’s, the head cook, what the inspiration behind the Grab and Go lunch and she said, “The Grab and Go was to get more students involved in school lunches”. We have had a few new items this year. We have Woohoo Pizza Day, Wacky Wing Day, Hooray It’s Hamburger Day, and also Freaky FRYday. 

An alternative option to the menu choice is a salad. Just grab a tray and let the lunch lady know your preference is the salad bar if you don’t like the main course. That alternative is available everyday.

Mr. Henderson, the new RHS Principal, also added different high top tables and low tables as well. “I really like the new tables at lunch, they are fun to sit at and something different,” said Sydney Kraus, a student at Russell High School. One of the best changes is that we now get to go to the rock garden and play outdoor games during our lunch period, which gives students some social time and a break from classes. 

We also get to enjoy TV while we are eating lunch! Mr. Henderson also ordered us blinds for the cafeteria and they have helped a tremendous amount.

All of these changes at Russell High School have been positive for our student body!

Pictures of Positivity By: Danielle Bourland

Mrs. Kasselman’s leadership class is working on improving school spirit by making everyone feel included.  This includes stickers on lockers for any activity, not just sports and picture walls that everyone can be on.

We no longer just put sports stickers on student’s lockers anymore. Mrs. Kasselman’s leadership class now puts stickers on for other clubs as well. There are  stickers for the Science Olympiad, Rotary Club, Band, Vocal, FFA, and many more. The stickers are colorful and eye catching. The stickers show all the different activities that Russell High School offers.

Our high school also has a picture wall this year. The pictures show students having fun in various activities around the school and throughout the school year.  Anyone can send pictures including students, teachers and staff. The pictures that are submitted are printed every Blue 3 class. At the end of each month, Mrs. Kasselman’s leadership class picks their favorite ones.  They then put these on display outside the library, by the office for each month. The pictures must be about a school activity or related to a school event. You can send your pictures to [email protected]