Mrs. Rashelle Johnson reads a book to her class during seminar. This is her first year as an English teacher at Russell High School. “I don’t know what projects I want to do this year yet, “said Mrs. Johnson. “But I’m excited to see where this year leads us.”

Johnson joins English staff

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Asking the class to be quiet, Mrs. Rashelle Johnson reads Fahrenheit 451 to her class to get them ready for the year. Mrs. Johnson is an alumnus of Russell and came back to teach English.

For the last 10 years, Mrs. Johnson has been going from school to school trying to find the best fit for her. She’s been all the way up in a 5a school and all the way down to a 2a. She’s taught in Hays, Salina, Wilson, and Winfield, and now RHS.

“I didn’t always want to teach high school English. I wanted to teach elementary classes, but while I was in college, I was able to observe classes, and I really didn’t want to blow little kids’ noses. I like teaching English because I’m not good at remembering dates and times.” said Mrs. Johnson. “It’s also not as linear as most classes because we’re able to use both history and sometimes math to teach English, whereas others have to follow certain guidelines and aren’t able to fluctuate with their teaching styles.”

In her free time, she enjoys playing card games, watching movies, and spending time with her family. She also enjoys hanging out and going to Victoria with her husband, a music teacher.

“I’ve developed a tradition with my family for every Thanksgiving. We play a lot of board games, so we go to Colorado for vacation and pick out a new game every year. We usually keep the games for later times that we would want to play them, but sometimes they aren’t worth it,” said Mrs. Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson likes incorporating her student’s thoughts into her class because she wants them to understand what she’s teaching. She likes to change up the projects that she does in class to help the students.

“I enjoy being able to hear the questions that students have and being able to change the lesson for the day to further explain what they know. There is a lot of respectful kids here. When I was teaching in larger schools, it seems like there was a lot of rowdy kids, but here it’s a perfect balance between both. I also really enjoy the other teachers here,” said Mrs. Johnson. “There is a lot of knowledge and experience to draw from in the building, and I get along with them very easily.


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