Betts jumpstarts freshman year

Rhiannon Cummin

Staff Reporter

Grace Betts (9) sits with her packed bags in the car as she heads from one house to the next. It’s a quiet weekend, and she is looking forward to spending it inside with her Netflix and art projects.

Russell High School’s new group of freshmen for the 2017-2018 school year are quite diverse and, Betts is no exception. She describes herself as a shy extrovert and doesn’t think very many people know that she has two families.

“One of the things not many people know about me is that I have more than one family. I mean some people aren’t very understanding that I have a stepmom that works at Simpson. I also have no full blood siblings,” said Betts.

The siblings she does have are Layn (10) and Hayden (9) Logsdon, her step brothers at her dad’s house. Her other brother is her half-brother, Dennis, on her mom’s side. They call him Bubba.

“Some people don’t realize at first the Layn and Hayden are my brothers. I think it is kind of funny,” said Betts.

Betts finds it difficult to switch between houses though. She has to pack her things and make sure she does not forget anything. Switching between houses also interferes with schedules.

“There is always a lot of trying to deal with last second getting ready to switch houses, and there is always a conflict between that, especially during the school year with the musical and everything like school work,”  said Betts. “There’s not always a clean schedule because an unscheduled practice for the musical might come up or something else random will come up, and I can’t always make it because it’s always super crazy.”
Once she has made the bi-weekly switch between houses though, she spends the majority of her time watching shows or movies.

“At my dad’s house I pretty much sit around and watch TV, and at my mom’s I just sit around and watch Netflix. It’s all the same in both houses, to be honest,” said Betts.
Betts’ favorite past time is a something else she spends her time doing, which is drawing. She does it no matter how she feels. Her favorite thing to draw are cartoon characters such as

“If I’m feeling a little bit upset I try to draw happy characters to make me feel better. Sometimes I draw sad characters when I’m sad too. It kind of shows my mood. When I’m happy I draw both sad and happy characters,” said Betts.

Her favorite thing to draw lately is her original characters Dekah and Ami.

“My favorite thing to draw is this really cute gay couple that I created a while ago. Their names are Dekah and Ami. The inspiration came from something I was watching, and the name Dekah just became my favorite name and it just kind of stuck,” said Betts.

Overall, Betts is enjoying her freshman year and so far thinks it is better than being at the top of the food chain in middle school.

“Being a freshman is good. All my harder classes are on my red days, but my blue days are a lot more laid back since they are all electives. I think high school is a lot more fun not having to deal with the grade below me because they are very annoying. It’s nice to get a break from their immaturity,“ said Betts. “Always lend a helping hand to anyone, especially new kids. I have done that to help out. Be kind.”

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